Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace is a division of Bombardier Inc. and is the third largest airplane manufacturer in the world after Airbus and Boeing. It is headquartered in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.

This new jet, which offers 110-seat and 130-seat versions, competes with the Boeing 737 Next Generation 737-600, 737-700, Airbus A318, Airbus A319, and Embraer 195. Bombardier claims the CSeries will burn 20% less fuel per trip than these competitors. which would make it still about 8% more fuel efficient than the Boeing 737 Max scheduled for introduction 3 years later in 2017.

Bombardier CRJ100 and CRJ200

The Bombardier CRJ100 and CRJ200 are a family of regional airliners manufactured by Bombardier, and based on the Canadair Challenger business jet.

Several models of the CRJ have been produced, ranging in capacity from 40 to 50 passengers. The Regional Jet designations are marketing names and the official designation is CL-600-2B19.

CRJ100  The CRJ100 is the original 50-seat version. It is equipped with General Electric CF34-3A1 engines. Operators include Jazz Aviation, Comair and more.

CRJ100SF   Passenger-to-freighter conversion of CRJ100.

CRJ200   The CRJ200 is identical to the CRJ100 except for its engines, which were upgraded to the CF34-3B1 model, offering improved efficiency. CRJ200SF   Passenger-to-freighter conversion of CRJ200.

CRJ440   Certified up to 44-seat, this version was designed with fewer seats in order to meet the needs of some major United States airlines.

CRJ500   Proposed 50-seat version with wing and cabin improvements based on the CRJ700/900. Cancelled in 2001.

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